Office Support

Office support is the hub of any business, where all the administrative processes get done. Active Recruitment ensures all candidates complete in-depth assessments to meet the requirements of your business with the aim to ramp up productivity and decrease processing errors. Imagine your business with candidates who are hardworking, show initiative and are able to outperform other employees.

Working across all industries and different sized organisations, we put the quality of our candidates first making sure we have the right fit for your business. Our experienced Office Support Consultant has in-depth knowledge of all administrative positions and is able to provide you with the best temporary and permanent staff to suit your requirements.

Some of the roles we have filled within office support include:

  • Receptionists
  • Administration Assistants
  • Data Entry Operators
  • Order Entry Clerks
  • Service Administrators

Our consultants get to know you and your business and understand it’s not just about matching a skill set. We make sure the successful candidate will match the culture and environment of your business and can align themselves with your company goals and vision.

We employ some of the best consultants in our industry and select only those who are passionate about what they do and demonstrate the same commitment as the owners of Active Recruitment. As a result our team has been together for a long time and our consultants will be with you for the long haul to truly get to know your business.

Active Recruitment will assess the needs of each role and tailor design a suite of assessments for all candidates to complete prior to interviewing with you. This could include; personality profiling, skills based assessments, specific software packages etc. Each candidate is ranked globally and we will only submit candidates who score above the global average.

We are so confident with our recruitment methodology we offer market-leading guarantees on both our temporary and permanent placements so rest assured you will have the best candidates for your positions.

Our candidates are on a mission and that’s to help you take your business to the next level.