10 Reasons I will not hire you at interview!

3 March 2015
10 Reasons I will not hire you at interview!

Recruiting is what I do all day every day, and I can do up to 15 interviews a day! Yes I interview 15 people a day! There are some things a candidate will do where I think “Are you for real?” They are annoying, frustrating, mostly little things that I wouldn’t even allow my child to do…

Here are my rules:

  • Turn up for your interview. I track people who don’t turn up! Ask to reschedule it if you have something come up or cancel it, but let me know. It will stay on your file and next time you apply for a role you will not get a call!
  • Arrive late or too early in some cases – I have a very tight schedule and arriving too early or late really messes this up. It’s courtesy to stick to your interview time. Never arrive more than 5 minutes early to your interview and never ever arrive late.
  • Have your phone on silent and put away in your bag or folder. Do not answer your phone or check your phone throughout the interview.
  • Dress inappropriately for your interview. Ladies I do not want to see short skirts or low cut tops. Gentleman I want ironed clothes and polished shoes. I need to present you to my client and feel confident you will be professional at times and this starts with how people see you.
  • Answer all my questions, don’t dance around them and tell me you are perfect with no weaknesses. We are not all perfect in this world! If we were it would be a very boring place.
  • Do not over talk and tell me your life story. I don’t need to know! I have a set of questions that I need to know and a tight time frame to stick to. Plus keep your conversations professional “I don’t need to know about your hangover or the party you went to over the weekend.”
  • Please don’t call me “Love, Darling, Sweet Heart” I have a name and I don’t even let my husband or friends call me these.
  • Do not answer a question with “It’s in my resume”
  • Do not tell me how bad your previous employer was or how you hated the environment. If you are talking badly of your previous employer imagine what you could say about my client?
  • Do not swear – I am not one of your mates and we are not sitting at the pub
I said 10 but there is one more…

  • Thank me for my time at the conclusion of the interview followed by a nice firm hand shake

Before you start making excuses and thinking how could I be so judgmental it’s my job to pick the stars from the bunch and present them to my clients! So if you want to stand out and work with our amazing clients follow these simple rules and you will be well and truly on your way to a great new and exciting role!