Benefits of Temporary Workers

14 August 2014
Benefits of Temporary Workers

What are the benefits of Temporary Workers? A question we get asked more and more…

There are many benefits to an employer when it comes to using temporary workers. We have asked our clients why they have hired temporary workers into their business and this is what they have listed as the benefits of temporary workers:


Flexibility is one of the most common benefits of temporary workers.  We were able to fill short-term and long term contracts at short notice. They were able to get an temporary workers when there is headcount restrictions in place. It also allowed them to fill vacancies to cover extended leave such as annual leave, maternity leave, sick leave.


Another benefit of using temporary workers is the support they can provide  permanent employees. We have provided our clients with particular expertise for special projects, unforeseen increases to workloads and covered seasonal and production peaks. The use of a temporary workforce means they can be engaged and released at short notice to cover only your challenging business schedules.

Testing Talent

Many of our clients use temporary workers on a trial basis to test their ability to do the job and assess their compatibility with the organisation. We call this the “try before you buy” method. This can reduce the risks involved with hiring a permanent employee.

Reducing the payroll administration

Using temporary workers can reduce the administration burden of running a payroll as they are paid by the recruitment agency, they also look after the superannuation, insurances etc.

Save Time

Using a recruitment agency to source temporary workers is a cost effective way for businesses to find great talent they need at very short notice. Agencies have a pool of quality candidates who they place in temporary contracts. This means they have already been referenced checked and completed any WHS training before they are engaged with your business.